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Heavily influenced by the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, W.E.B. Thanks for the extra info here. To be clear, the SBC has some longstanding, credible Black pastors in its tribe, and I dont mean the kind who are tokens or assimilators. The SBC experienced a 43 percent jump in majority-black churches between 1998 and 2002, compared to 11 percent over the most recent four years. It is the work of that church, but its also Reverend Meeks, the pastor of that church. Chuck Smith himself, who started out as every kind of salt and light, found himself tempted by the limelight as he got bigger and bigger, and we saw more and more of his flaws as time went on. They do not understand themselves to be beneficiaries of a system that marginalizes people of color.". You talked a bit about both churches significance to Chicago. If you have legal questions, attorneys will be available to help you at the legal clinic. We want to see our church grow. Im not in the weeds at Progressive. To invite Dr. Legal Clinic The Social Justice Ministry is here to help through our Gospel Justice Center Legal Clinic. Its time for Salem to move forward, he told his congregants. As I prayed through it, Reverend Meeks and I wrestled with it, and he graciously affirmed my sense of discernment. So he is going to pastor two large churches in addition to teaching at several colleges. Charlie has 1 job listed on their profile. He was elected in March by an overwhelming majority, the largest vote received by any pastor in Progressive's rich history. For questions or to reach his office, please email [email protected]. You've read 0 of 5 of todays most popular posts. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our. Datess 100-year-old congregation only began affiliating with the SBC last year, joining as a dual affiliate with the Progressive National Baptist Convention, a mainline, African American denomination. When did the theological architects of American slavery develop the moral character to tell the church how it should discuss and discern racism? Dates explained he saw rejecting CRT as part of a continuing heritage of dangerous conservatism.. In a video of the announcement, Meeks said after he and his wife fasted and prayed about the succession of the ministry, they felt confident in selecting Dates. I adore Charlie Dates BECAUSE of how he and his wife PERSONALLY ministered to me when I needed it. It actually makes me think of Moses, who was advised on how to make leading the growing number of Israelites more manageable by placing them into groups and delegating. But the bones are good. For questions or to reach his office, please email [email protected]. Neither am I saying that hes the only significant influence in my life. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. His wife Kirstie also followed up to pray with me and further encourage me. He hijacked the affirmation meeting of the Baptist Faith & Message, turning it into a conservative resurgence revival. Gleannings aggregates what others are reporting. Rev. Charlie E. Dates is the senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church and Progressive Baptist Church, two of the oldest and largest historically Black churches in Chicago, Illinois. On Dec. 1, all six of the SBC seminary presidents without one Black president or counter opinion among them told the world that a high view of Scripture necessarily required a corresponding and total rejection of critical race theory and intersectionality. But there are others who sit close to power within the SBC and who are silent against the racism that plagues their own congregations. Many cannot even define what CRT is, he tweeted. I adore Charlie Dates BECAUSE of how he and his wife PERSONALLY ministered to me when I needed it. No one knows. With teary eyes, I just told them I hope that they accept my recommendation when that time comes. Dates's 100-year-old congregation only began affiliating with the SBC last year, joining as a dual affiliate with the Progressive National Baptist Convention, a mainline, African American. His decision came two days after West made a similar argument in a Baptist Standard op-ed. Perhaps you are taking on a worldly definition of love? To learn more about how you can begin or deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ, visit us at . CT interviewed him about the history of the two congregations and his call to lead Salem Baptist. Sign up for our newsletter: Im working to discern Gods direction as it relates to timing of when to conclude. Charlie Dates Current Workplace. Were living in a time where so many young people are walking away from the church and where church attendance numbers are in the dumps. We want to see younger families come to our church and the last thing that we want is to stand in the way of that.". I took President Adam Greenways invitation to return as a statement of good faith, that the seminary wanted to welcome me and many other Black ministers to contribute to its legacy, he wrote. What is liberalism to the conservative Southern Baptists? Pastor Charlie Dates is the Senior Pastor of The Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois. Thats the good ol boys club. Welcome to the weekly podcast of Progressive Baptist Church with Pastor and Author, Dr. Charlie Dates. Respect and admire if they are capable, yes. If we in the SBC had shown as much sorrow for the painful legacy that sin has left as we show passion to decry CRT, we probably wouldnt be in this mess., Critical race theory isnt clearly defined, but generally refers to an approach to racism as systemic and embedded in society. The Rev. How will your role there look different? Meeks called Dates the greatest preacher in our nation. When I came back home to Southwestern, I even encouraged other ministers to do the same. Thats their choice. I understand both sides, but havent thought about it enough to have a strong opinion, probably because I dont use those terms. My acknowledgement of this is not a statement of submission, but an act of defiance. But I do sense and feel that a lot of the progress that Ive been able to make in the pastorate is connected in some way to his tutelage, his leadership, and his spiritual fathering, so to speak. It just isnt where God has me in this season of my life (yet). On one hand, the legacy has to continue. I dont see anything wrong with loving those who Christ calls us to love, which includes our brothers and sisters in Christ (that includes pastors). In just our brief 15 minute interaction, he really ministered to me as he correctly sensed I was going through a season of loss that was challenging my faith. Who thinks a half a pastor can shepherd a full church adequately? I dont even know what sort of issue Dates had with whoever (again, Im rarely on social media), but even I can spot your bias here. 3658 SOUTH WENTWORTH AVENUE, CHICAGO, IL, 60609, 773-268-6048 | [email protected]. That was the last straw for Dates, he wrote in a column for Religion News Service. Dateswho spoke at several national SBC events before and after deciding to affiliate with the denominationwrote that the statement was a final straw.. As for me and the Progressive Baptist Church, I keep hearing the words of Harriet Tubman: We out.. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. I dont know why; perhaps thats an attitude YOU need to pray about. Conservatism is, and has always been, the god of the SBC. The young people I met that week shocked me with the warmth and enthusiasm with which they embraced the subject matter. Meeks has led the African American congregation, now at nearly 10,000 members, since its founding in 1985. They both, in that regard, have a history of absolutely incredible pastors. That philosophy has weakened whatever prophetic potential the SBC has. And, yes, nothing good ever comes out of megachurches and rock-star pastors. Meeks' retirement comes at a time when many longtime church leaders have been transitioning out of leadership as they contend with dwindling attendance and other ministry upheavals laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic. Its time for a young generation to come forward with new challenges facing us.. He also teaches at Wheaton College and has delivered chapel sermons at various institutions, including The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is good that you were ministered to personally by your pastor. Senior Pastor at Progressive Baptist Church - Chicago . We haveI thinka very Paul and Timothy kind of relationship. We want to celebrate YOU. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Meeks, a former state senator, founded Salem Baptist 38 years ago. Also, while there are many people in the comment section who rightfully call him to repent over it, there are plenty of others, including names such as Lecrae and Kyle J Howard, who tweeted their approval of his use of the slur. The hard reality of the seminary presidents statement is that Black people will never gain full equality in the Southern Baptist Convention. He told his trustees to uphold the slaveholder for whom his college is named. Dr. Charlie Edward Dates is Senior Pastor at Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago, IL. This was why I felt it safe to forge an alliance. And the same for Salem, which might still have it. As CT reported in August, there werent signs of a trend of majority-black churches leaving in the most recent denomination report from 2018, though the rates of growth year-over-year had slowed after shooting up in the early 2000s. It's to multiply in every generation and right now the church in Chicago needs fresh dynamic trained Gospel fire leaders. Preachers and teachers are there to instruct and shape us much like secular, academic teachers/professors. They would not. If thats idolatry to youwe can disagree. Another thing is I dont think this dual assignment is in perpetuity. Dr. Charlie Dates will take his place. Wow, I never knew this, did TRR ever do an expose of this incident? I dont know if Id recommend this to anybody. Pastor Charlie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication and Rhetoric at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and both a Master of Divinity Degree and PhD at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School . This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I am more of a vision-casting, preaching, pastoral care pastor. To invite Dr. I just checked and you can still see the tweet for yourself, he refused to delete it. And while Progressive is a large congregation (around 1000 members), it doesnt come close to Salem (which has about 10,000). I need to say that this is not an ambition of mine. All rights reserved. He is a contributing author to Letters To A Birmingham Jail and Say It: Celebrating Expository Preaching in the African American Tradition, and is currently working on his first single-authored book on Christianity and Social Justice. What I will say is that Progressive and Salem demonstrate the spectrum of Black churches in Chicago. and Ph.D. at Trinity Evangelical Divinity . Im just saying that at the juncture were in and being a son of the soil of Chicago and a son of Salem, and now having pastored Progressive, I just think I have a unique understanding and relational dynamic with both churches. He is married to Kirstie Dates and is the proud father of their children, Charlie Edward Dates II & Claire Dates. He shared a vision of revival. Now we have 2 churches thinking only one particular man can lead them. Charlie Dates is set to succeed Rev. Rev. But there is nothing wrong with loving those who I do have personal relationships with, and have really left an impact on my faith, family, and heart..

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